MAMAMOO reveals concept photos of their new mini-album 'WAW'
MAMAMOO reveals concept photos of their new mini-album 'WAW'
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  • 승인 2021.05.25 00:05
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Group "MAMAMOO" has released additional concept photos for their new album.
Photo = RBW
Photo = RBW
Photo = RBW

MAMAMOO presented a concept photo of their new mini-album 'WAW' today (24th) at midnight on its official SNS.

Sitting side by side on the caravan in the released photo, MAMAMOO showed affection for each other with a smile. The phrase "Beautiful farewell here, the two of us who dreamed the same dream as you," in a comfortable and friendly mood, is added to give warmth.

Another photo shows MAMAMOO dressed up in an elegant white dress. Following the provocative charm of Solar, Moon Byul with innocent visuals, Whee In with elegant appearance, and Hwa Sa with a captivating atmosphere showed off their four-color charms.

It is the first comeback in seven months since the 10th mini-album "TRAVEL" released in November last year, which sincerely contains many things MAMAMOO has experienced since their debut and honest feelings and thoughts about the future.

MAMAMOO will continue its "2021 WAW" project, including summer concerts and documentaries, starting with the release of their new mini-album "WAW" on June 2.


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