Song Joong-ki appeared in Heize's new song MV "shooting on the 5th"
Song Joong-ki appeared in Heize's new song MV "shooting on the 5th"
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[BBANGYA NEWS |Reporter Mo Mo] Actor Song Joong-ki takes part in the music video for singer Heize's new song.
Photo = High Story ENC

On the 6th, an official from Heize's agency P nation revealed on the 6th today, "Song Joong-ki appeared in the Heize music video. The filming took place on the 5th.

Singer Psy said on his Instagram on the afternoon of the 6th, "Heize is a musician who makes an excellent whole album by herself, including lyrics and composition, even before joining P nation. What kind of contributions are there to Heize's new album, who chose our company? I was wondering if it could be, and I thought I should help with something for the music video.”

Heize's new song with Song Joong-ki is unique in that it is the first new song after joining P nation. The performance of Song Joong-ki, which will be shown in Heize' music, is also raising expectations.

Meanwhile, Song Joong-gi received a lot of love through the recent tvN drama 'Vincenzo'.

Photo = Psy Instagram


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