Aespa comeback in May
Aespa comeback in May
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Group Aespa makes a comeback after six months.
Photo = SM Entertainment

The agency SM Entertainment announced on the 4th that "Aespa will make a comeback in May," and that "the exact schedule will be announced later."

Aespa made their official debut in the music industry in November of last year with its debut song 'Black Mamba'.

And it set a record of 100 million views in the history of the music video for the debut song of a K-pop group. It was ranked 100th on the Billboard Global (excluding the U.S.) chart with only three days of counting, and also rose to the highest ranking ever for K-pop artist debut songs. France's luxury house Givenchy's 2021 brand ambassador was selected, and he was selected as the '2021 Emerging Artist' by American media people.

Through their comeback in May, they are attracting attention to what kind of charm they will show in the music industry.

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