BTS new song 'Butter' concept teaser released
BTS new song 'Butter' concept teaser released
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  • 승인 2021.05.04 21:16
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Group BTS Jungkook and RM's new digital single 'Butter' concept clip was released.
Photo = Big Hit Music

On the 4th, the agency Big Hit Music uploaded a clip of the concept of 'Butter' of BTS members Jungkook and RM on the official SNS.

Using the technique of connecting a projector and a camcorder, this video created a dreamy atmosphere with multiple images superimposed on a colorful sense of color.

Jungkook applied heart-shaped butter on bread or ran around the space to create a free-spirited appearance. RM set off a heart-shaped firecracker while freely enjoying the illuminated stage set.

BTS plans to release concept clips for each member in sequence on the 5th to 6th following Jungkook and RM.

Meanwhile, BTS will simultaneously release a new digital single 'Butter' with a cheerful and exciting atmosphere on the 21st at 1 pm (Korean time) around the world.


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