Twice, comeback with 'Taste of Love' in June
Twice, comeback with 'Taste of Love' in June
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Mo Mo] Twice is releasing a new album 'Taste of Love' in June and making a comeback.
Photo = JYP Entertainment

On the 3rd, JYP Entertainment released Twice's new album 'Taste of Love' through various social media channels and posted an image to announce their comeback.

According to the image, the name of Twice's 10th mini album is 'Taste of Love', which stimulates curiosity about what kind of new atmosphere will have with a cocktail with colorful fruity color.

In particular, the release was marked as'RELEASE ON 2021.06.09 l 2021.06.11', indicating that various comeback schedules are prepared, raising the expectations of fans.

Twice's 2021 comeback title song is a fascinating song that will further enhance the beauty of the nine members, and recently finished shooting a music video in Jeju Island. They plan to communicate with domestic and foreign fans by sequentially releasing comeback teasers in the future. The new album 'Taste of Love' will be on pre-sale on the 10th of this month.



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