Musical 'HADESTOWN' with Tony and Grammy Awards, Korean premiere in August
Musical 'HADESTOWN' with Tony and Grammy Awards, Korean premiere in August
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Khaing] The Korean premiere of the musical 'HADESTOWN' (producer Dong-won Shin), one of the most anticipated works of the second half, has confirmed the opening.
Photo = S&Co
Photo = S&Co
Photo = S&Co
Photo = S&Co

Producer S&Co announced on the 3rd that it will perform a Korean performance for 'HADESTOWN' at LG Art Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul in August.

'HADESTOWN' is based on Greek mythology. This is the story of Orpheus, who heads to the underground world to recover his wife Euridike, who died suddenly, and Persephone spent with her husband Hades underground in the spring and summer of the four seasons, and the fall and winter underground.

'HADESTOWN', which first debuted on off-Broadway in 2016, then opened on Broadway in 2019 after performing in Canada and London. It was well-received for its unique musical style that mixes rock and jazz and groundbreaking production.

That year, they were nominated for 14 of the 15 categories the musical could win at the 73rd Tony Awards. In addition to the best work award, they won a total of eight categories including the Best Directing Award, the Music Award, the Arrangement Award, the Male Supporting Actor Award, and the Stage Design, Lighting, and Sound Enhancement Award. They also won the Best Musical Album Award at the '62nd Grammy Awards' in 2020.

'HADESTOWN' attracts attention because it is the world's first licensed and Korean performance that meets the latest and greatest work on Broadway without any time difference.


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