Taemin make comeback on the 18th as “Advice” before enlistment
Taemin make comeback on the 18th as “Advice” before enlistment
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Mo Mo] SHINee Taemin is making a comeback on the 18th with a new mini-album “Advice”.
사진 = SM엔터테인먼트
Photo = SM Entertainment

Taemin's third mini-album ‘Advice’ is released on May 18th, and includes a total of five songs including the title song ‘Advice.’ In particular, this album is a solo album released six months after Taemin's 3rd regular album 'Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 2' released in November last year, and the last album to be enlisted on May 31st. It is expected to get a hot response.

The album contains a total of 5 songs including 'advice', so high interest from music fans is expected.

Taemin said, “It was a time I waited too long. I am always grateful to the fans, and I will come back as a person who can give more generously, so keep supporting.”

On the other hand, Taemin's 3rd mini-album 'Advice' will start pre-sale at various online and offline record stores starting today (3rd).



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