“Chick Highkick”, Taekwondo Master
“Chick Highkick”, Taekwondo Master
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Mo Mo] MBN's new entertainment program “Chick Highkick” finished its first broadcast on April 26th.

“Chick Highkick”, which airs simultaneously on MBN x NQQ at 11 p.m. on the 26th, is a Taekwon-growing variety show where Haha, Kim Dong-hyun, Na Tae-ju, Kim Yo-han, and Tammy open a taekwondo hall in the neighborhood and teach beginners. They have revealed the points of watching the ‘Chick Highkick’ that will knock down viewers with unprecedented chemistry and laughter.

“Chick Highkick” is a variety of celebrity Taekwondo instructors who teach youth ‘chick’ by opening a taekwondo hall in the neighborhood.

It is expected that the cute appearance of the ‘chick’ kids who are as strong as ‘celebrities’ mothers and dads and will give viewers healing laughter. The 2nd episode of the teacher's “Chick Highkick” a variety of sorties for a local academy, will be broadcast on May 3 at 11 pm.



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