Tomorrow by Together (TXT), 2nd regular album released on May 31st
Tomorrow by Together (TXT), 2nd regular album released on May 31st
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Mo Mo] Group Tomorrow by Together (TXT) will make a comeback on May 31st.
Photo = Big Hit Music

According to the agency Big Hit Music, Tomorrow by Together (TXT) (Subin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, Huningkai) is through the global official fan community platform Weverse, the second full album 'Chapter of Chaos: FREEZE' on the 31st of next month.

Tomorrow by Together (TXT) dreams through the series of'Dream Chapter: ETERNITY', starting with their debut album 'Dream Chapter: STAR', 1st regular album' Dream Chapter: MAGIC', and 2nd mini album'Dream Chapter: ETERNITY'. The story of the growth of boys who pursued after releasing 'minisode1: Blue Hour' last year, the five members told a small story before moving on to the next series in the 'Dream Chapter'. They are planning to show off a wider and deeper world of music by the prelude to the new series, “Chapter of Chaos” with “Chapter of Chaos: FREEZE”.

On the other hand, Tomorrow by Together (TXT)'s second studio album, “Chapter of Chaos: FREEZE,” will be pre-sold on online record sales sites and offline record stores starting on the 30th. Details such as the album sales location and composition can be found in the Weverse Announcement.



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