Punch, a new song ‘It’s Breaking Up’ released on the 5th May
Punch, a new song ‘It’s Breaking Up’ released on the 5th May
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Khaing] Punch returns to mature emotions in early May.
Photo = Yam Yam Entertainment
Photo = Yam Yam Entertainment

On the 30th, the agency Yam Yam Entertainment announced on the 30th that “Punch will release a new single, ‘It’s Breaking Up’  at 6 pm on May 5th”. Along with this, a teaser video was released to officially announce the news of Punch's new news on the official SNS at 0 o'clock on this day.

Punch’s new song ‘It’s Breaking Up’ is an R&B song that captures the sadness of breaking up with punch's unique groove and voice.

Punch who debuted in 2014, 'Descendants of the Sun' OST 'Every time', 'Goblin' OST 'Stay with me','Hotel Del Luna' OST 'Done For Me', 'When Camellia Blooms' OST 'Like a Heroine in the Movie', 'Do You Like Brahms' OST 'Midnight (Haize X Punch Special Track)', etc. Along with this, she cleared the top of the music charts with 'When Night is Falling', 'Good Bye', and 'Sometimes' and showed a powerful position as a musician.

On the other hand, Punch's ‘It’s Breaking Up’, which came with mature sensibility, will be released on various music sites on May 5th at 6 pm.


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