Kim Seon-ho, singer debut...The song released on May 6th
Kim Seon-ho, singer debut...The song released on May 6th
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Mo Mo] Actor Kim Seon-ho sings in collaboration with the Epitone Project.
Photo = Interpark Entertainment
Photo = Interpark Entertainment

According to the agency Salt Entertainment on the 30th, Kim Seon-ho will release the single 'The Reason is You', which collaborated with the Epitone Project, on May 6th at 6 pm.

This collaboration single 'The Reason is You' is a soft pop with a bright acoustic sound, and is a song that contains the sweet vocals of Kim Sun-ho. The Epitone Project was in charge of writing, composing, and producing, while Kim Seon-ho participated in singing and writing lyrics.

According to the agency Salt Entertainment, Kim Seon-ho even worked on the song with the relationship he appeared in the music video for 'Insomnia' of the Epitone project released last year. Along with the news of the release of the sound source, a refreshing teaser image was also released. Above the figure of Kim Seon-ho sitting on the top floor of a Hanok and staring at somewhere, the light purple flowers and the light green leaves overlap each other, creating a fresh spring atmosphere.

It is said that Kim Seon-ho has prepared a song gift that can be shared with the fans who always support him.

The song and music video of the collaboration single “The Reason is You” by Kim Seon-ho and Epitone Project will be released on various music sites on May 6 at 6 pm.


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