'Song Joong-ki, Live' YouTube fan meeting held on May 7th
'Song Joong-ki, Live' YouTube fan meeting held on May 7th
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Nang] Actor Song Joong-gi meets fans through YouTube Live.
Photo = High Story D&C
Photo = High Story D&C

Song Joong-gi, who chose the fan meeting as a must-do for the new year, announced a surprise meeting with fans all over the world through 'Song Joong-ki, Live'. Song Joong-gi appeared in the 2021 movie 'Space Sweepers' and the drama 'Vincenzo'. He is getting so much love and even causing a syndrome.

It is said that we have prepared a time to repay the fans' love, even small and that we are preparing to make it a gift-like time for everyone. Song Joong-ki, who is the most regretful of not being able to meet fans directly, expressed a desire to create new memories by communicating with many people even online.

Currently, Song Joong-ki is making viewers amazed by leading the play with the demonic acting and visuals that give catharsis every time in the tvN Saturday drama'Vincenzo'. With only two episodes ahead until the end of the show, expectations are growing as to what kind of charms will touch people's hearts.

On the other hand,' Song Joong-ki, Live' will be streamed in real-time through the official YouTube channel of High Story D&C on the evening of May 7th, and can be joined by any domestic and foreign fans.


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