ONF, new song ‘Ugly Dance’ top on the sound chart
ONF, new song ‘Ugly Dance’ top on the sound chart
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  • 승인 2021.04.30 22:59
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Nang] Group On & Off (ONF) once again reached the top of the music chart and succeeded in hitting two consecutive hits.


A media showcase to commemorate the release of the group ONF's 1st regular repackage album 'CITY OF ONF' was unfolded online on the afternoon of April 28th. At 6 pm, through various sound source sites, the first regular repackage album 'CITY OF ONF' was released.

The title track'Ugly Dance' is a song that extends the last title track 'Beautiful Beautiful', which was loved by a hopeful message that 'All my life is an art and I am more beautiful than anyone else'. Interest is focused on whether to show a step that fits the qualifier of a famous gourmet restaurant'.

The title song 'Ugly Dance' of On&Off's first regular repackage album 'CITY OF ONF', which was released through various music sources on the 28th at 6 pm on the 28th, as of 8 pm, is No. It took first place and proved its hot popularity.

On&Off said on the 29th, "I am so grateful that I will receive such a great love as soon as I make a comeback. As soon as I heard the news that I was ranked No. 1, the first thing I thought about was the Fuses." he said, "I'm so grateful for your hard support by my side, and I will repay this activity with an energetic stage and better music. In addition, I am very happy that not only the Fuses but also many people are interested in this repackaged album. I am very grateful.” Finally, On&Off added, “I will work hard to show our music and stage to more people through this activity. I will do my best on every stage with a sense of responsibility.”



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