Wonbin, Jeju Island pictorial
Wonbin, Jeju Island pictorial
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Khaing] Menswear OLZEN has released a summer pictorial with actor Won Bin.
젠(OLZEN)이 배우 원빈과 함께한 여름 화보를 공개했다.

This summer pictorial, shot against the green nature of Jeju Island, contains a variety of summer styling for men, from casual graphic T-shirts to formal setup suits against the wide grassland and sky.

A brand official said, “Wonbin, who has been continuing the chemistry for the third year this year, has a remarkable concentration on style every season, as well as an intimacy with field officials and staff as an icon of the brand. This summer advertisement will be able to meet Wonbin's unique sensibility and trendy summer style in a variety of ways that are harmonized with the nature of Jeju.”

This year's summer collection and making a video with actor Wonbin can be checked through the online official mall (Top Ten Mall) and social media.



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