Jung Il-woo signed a contract with 9ato Entertainment
Jung Il-woo signed a contract with 9ato Entertainment
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Khaing] Actor Jung Il-woo signed an exclusive management contract with 9ato Entertainment.
Photo = J-One International Company
Photo = J-One International Company

9ato Entertainment said on the 29th, “Actor Jung Il-woo who have both global topic and acting skills, have become one family with 9ato Entertainment,.” It is expected to support the domestic and overseas activities of the company.

After rising to stardom with the sitcom 'Unstoppable High Kick' Jung Il-woo has built a character with his own color by crossing genres such as from romance to historical drama and comedy, accumulating a wide spectrum of acting activities. In his 15th year of debut, he has secured a global fan base through various works and is actively working as a Hallyu star.

9ato Entertainment, which has signed a contract with Jung Il-woo, is a management company specializing in actors and includes Han Sohee, Lee Dain, and Kim Dohyun.

On the other hand, MBN's Saturday-Sunday drama'Bossam: Steal the fate' starring Jung Il-woo is scheduled for the first broadcast on May 1st.


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