Kim Jaejoong returned with 'Travel Buddies 2'
Kim Jaejoong returned with 'Travel Buddies 2'
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Nang] Hallyu star Kim Jae-joong has returned to domestic travel 'Travel Buddies 2'
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Photo = Lifetime
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Photo = Lifetime

On the 29th, the online production presentation of Lifetime Channel's travel entertainment 'Travel Buddies 2' was held. In Season 1 of 'Travel Buddies 2', which was released in February of last year, Kim Jaejoong left for Argentina and traveled to seek 'accompaniment', showing Argentina's unique charm and Kim Jaejoong's sincere appearance.

In Season 2, he travels all over Korea, experiencing Kim Jae-joong has never had before and tells the story of meeting various 'Buddies' such as unfamiliar friends, past friends, and close friends during the trip.

Jaejoong Kim said, “You can really do these things in Korea this time. I want you to feel that there is such food and you can feel. I hope that this tour video will be able to satisfy (viewers) as a proxy.”

On the other hand, 'Travel Buddies Season 2' will be pre-released on the Lifetime YouTube channel on May 13th at 6 pm, and then aired on the Lifetime Channel TV.



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