Kang Daniel to hold a fan party'Dear My D' on May 16th
Kang Daniel to hold a fan party'Dear My D' on May 16th
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  • 승인 2021.04.29 22:47
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Mo Mo] Singer Kang Daniel has a very special fan party to meet with fans.
Photo = universe

On the 29th, K-POP entertainment platform UNIVERSE said, “Dear My D, Kang Daniel's fan party, 'Dear My D'for about 2 hours from 5 pm on May 16th on-site and online live streaming simultaneously will be held.”

Users who want to participate in Kang Daniel's fan party ‘Dear My D’ can apply from May 4 (Tue) to May 8 (Sat) through the ‘UNIVERSE’ app. These tickets can be exchanged using ‘KLAP’ collected through various fandom activities in the universe.

The opportunity to visit the site is provided to 50 people selected through a lottery, and the winners will be announced on May 10th. Special goods (posters, photo cards, autographed artist-written CDs, etc.) prepared by Universe and Kang Daniel are presented to all the on-site visitors.

The fan party “Dear My D” online live streaming can be watched by anyone using five or more tickets, and this video will be provided as VOD in the “Universe” app in the future.

Meanwhile, the ‘UNIVERSE’ online and offline event will be conducted in accordance with all rules of the local government's quarantine guidelines, such as distance from the auditorium, and offline cases may change depending on the situation in the future. Details on Kang Daniel's fan party'Dear My D'can be found through notices in the universe app.




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