Twice Appeared on the Kelly Clarkson Show in the U.S.
Twice Appeared on the Kelly Clarkson Show in the U.S.
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Nang] Girl group Twice made her first appearance on the American TV program 'Kelly Clarkson Show'.

Twice appeared on the US NBC 'Kelly Clarkson Show', which aired on the 27th at 2 pm (Western time in the US). “The Kelly Clarkson Show” is a talk show hosted by world-renowned singer-songwriter and actor Kelly Clarkson. In the meantime, famous artists such as Nick Jonas, Dua Lipa, and John Legend have passed through.

In the broadcast that day, Kelly Clarkson said, "Twice has recorded a series of hits since its debut in 2015, and people all over the world are enthusiastic about their choreography".

About'CRY FOR ME', Forbes said, "The song is a harmonious combination of world-renowned authors such as legendary producer Park Jin-young and famous rock band Principle Public member Ryan Tedder. There is".

Meanwhile, Twice is receiving high attention at home and abroad, including appearances in overseas TV shows. Last January,'DEPEND ON YOU' from the regular 2nd album 'Eyes Wide open' was released in'TIME100 Talks' hosted by the US current affairs magazine TIME. He delivered a sung and hopeful message. On May 12th, a new Japanese single 'Kura Kura' is scheduled to be released, and it is expected to continue its popularity in the local area. Everybody is focusing.



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