Lee Joon, a pictorial full of macho
Lee Joon, a pictorial full of macho
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Nang] Actor Lee Joon showed off his charm through the fashion magazine 'Harpers Bazaar' pictorial.

Lee Joon, known as an athletic maniac, is said to have received cheers from the staff for his natural and sexy appearance that reveals a healthy body.

Lee Jun, who is going to spend this year busy with drama shoots, said, “People say 'What are you doing these days?', and I've never even taken a break. I'll keep coming out for 6 months next year. At that time, it could be said that there is no diversity, why keep coming out again (laughs).”

“I like to decorate and clean my house by myself. I feel like my mind is being purified. I recently moved to decorate my house, but my taste is so firm that the contractors ask me why. I put only one bed in my bedroom, but I didn't put it, but I dug the floor to make it look like a jacuzzi.” Through this interview, you can slightly see Lee Jun's usual life, who does not do social media.

The pictorial and video with Jun Lee can be viewed in the May issue of <Harpers Bazaar>, through the website and Instagram.




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