Lim Si-wan renewed the contract with Plum A&C!
Lim Si-wan renewed the contract with Plum A&C!
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Nang] Actress Lim Si-wan has signed a renewal contract with his current agency, Plum A&C.

On the 27th, Plum A&C said, “I have once again established a precious relationship with Lim Si-wan, who has put in good breath based on active communication and trust. Even though it is not the time to discuss the renewal of the contract after the 2017 contract, the decision was made based on strong trust.

Lim Si-wan debuted as an actor in the 2012 MBC drama "The Moon Embracing the Sun." He brought a hot topic with his good impression and stable acting ability and proved his presence as an actor by leaving a strong impression with the movie “Attorney” which mobilized 10 million viewers. In the drama “Misaeng,” he quickly became a star in the ranks of the first-year society. He unleashed his talent as an actor through drama and film, and was invited to the midnight screening section of the 70th Cannes International Film Festival in 2017 with 'The Merciless' and established himself as a popular actor.

With his acting ability that has risen to the drama “Strangers From Hell” who showed an unrivaled presence in each work, he succeeded in acting as a variation, drawing a hot response from viewers and critics.

Lim Si-wan, who recently joined the entertainment show 'House on Wheels 2'as a new family and shows off his honest charm. In the films'Emergency Declaration' and 'I just dropped my smartphone (tentative title)' and plan to visit the audience with a different look from the image shown so far.



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