DAY6 Wonpil releases the musical “Song of the Sun” OST
DAY6 Wonpil releases the musical “Song of the Sun” OST
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Khaing] The OST of the musical 'Midnight Sun' sung by Wonpil on DAY6 has been released

Wonpil's musical debut, 'Midnight Sun' released the OST album 'Midnight Sun Part.2.'' The album includes Wonpil's solo song 'When the Sunsets, I'll Go Meet You', Wonpil, Lovelyz Kei. The combined duet song 'Good-Bye Days' was included.

This musical is an exciting romance creative musical about the moment when “Haena,” a girl singing under the moonlight of the night, meets “Haram,” a boy who is dazzling like the sun in the middle of the day, and sings the song of the brightest sun in her life. In the image, words such as “I will go to meet you when the sun sets”, “A song I want to hear the melody that you are”, and “I will sing with you today” are curious about the fluttering story that will unfold in front of'Haram' and 'Haena' Stimulates.

On the 27th, the 'Midnight Sun'side opened posters of Onew (Shiny), Wonpil (DAY6), Baekho (NU'EST), Jo Hoon, and Youngjae (GOT7) in the role of Haram, a boy dazzling like the sun of the day. They expressed the excitement of their first love that suddenly started one day with a fresh sensibility. Kang Hye-in, Kei (Lovelyz), and Lee Ah-jin in the role of “Haena” portrayed “Haena” singing their dreams and love in a fresh and warm mood under the moonlight.

The creative musical 'Midnight Sun' will premiere at Gwanglim Art Center from May 1 (Sat) to July 25 (Sun), 2021, and can also be seen through the online live streaming site Meta Theater.



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