CHUANG 2021 TOP 1, “I'll accept all the support or bad comments!”
CHUANG 2021 TOP 1, “I'll accept all the support or bad comments!”
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Mo Mo] Last Saturday (3rd), China's survival program 'CHUANG 2021' (Chang Jo-young 2021) announced the 2nd ranking of controversy.

Last week, the 2nd ranking was released on the 'CHUANG 2021' broadcast, and this ranking also left 55 people after the 1st tournament, and this time, 33 trainees must be eliminated to stand on the 3rd stage.

Liu Yu, who was the center for the theme song, was determined to keep the rankings until the end, but in this matchup, the rankings fell beyond imagination, falling to 4th place, but still a talented candidate for the debut team center.

Zhou Kou Yu was not negatively affected by the dormitory cigarette incident and won first place after winning the top candidate trainees Santa, Hiroto Ikumi, and Liu Yu. The unexpected result came out, and Joo Ke-wi became the center of media. In addition, his American Chinese status was also discussed.

In fact, what is more, notable than Zhou Ke Wei's American Overseas Chinese status is also an artist belonging to Jiaxing Xinyu, a subsidiary of Jiaxing Media.

The star that comes to mind when thinking of Jiaxing Shinyu is Yangmi. Yangmi is not the largest shareholder, but it has a strong influence. If you belong to Jiaxing Shinwe, I think you are a celebrity belonging to Yangmi.

Jiaokou is a member of Jiaxing Xinyu Boy Group BEST and is the youngest member of the team. It was cast as the lead in the 2019 web drama ``I remember that boy'' and recently this drama is being aired on Tencent TV hosted by ‘CHUANG 2021’. On March 1st, they released their first solo song 'R.O.T.Y', and also appeared on the stage of 'CHUANG 2021'.

Joo Kouwi received his first grade A rating on the broadcast for his excellent skills and visuals, but the moment he announced the ranking on the broadcast last week, it caused a great deal of controversy. Jiaokou's first place was beyond the expectations of the public. In an instant, the ‘Chang Jo-young’s ranking’ went up to Weibo.

Liu Yu, who is the theme song center and has good skills, was evaluated as the best talented and best student for both mentors and trainees. The fourth place is not suitable for the situation, and the production crew said, "The ranking doesn't fit much right now." It should be," "The fourth place doesn't suit Liu Yu."

 The ranking of 'CHUANG 2021' is determined by the vote of the national producer of'始人'. It is a survival program that can be ranked first if anyone is popular. Many talented trainees were eliminated in the popularity rankings, making many viewers watching the broadcast feel pity.

Despite the controversy, Joo Kewe (周柯宇) proudly announced, “I am standing here, so I will accept any support or bad comments in the future.”

You have to keep trying to keep number one. Because 'CHUANG 2021' also has a lot of talented people who are better than that and it may be reversed in the follow-up performance.

Meanwhile, the 3rd public stage of CHUANG 2021 is scheduled to open on Tencent TV this Saturday at 7 pm (local time).


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