IU Makes The Cover of HIGHCUT Magazine
IU Makes The Cover of HIGHCUT Magazine
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Chalie Park] Singer-and-actress IU made the cover on December issue of HIGHCUT magazine. The concept color of the pictorial is pink with a theme 'Christmas Home Party.' 

During the interview with HIGHCUT she said that 2019 has been 'a surprisingly successful year' where her drama(Hotel Del Luna), the new album(Love Poem) as well as the concert were loved by the public.

When asked about the secret behind the huge success of mega hit abum 'Love Poem', she answered that 'everything is about right timing'. What she wanted to say through the new album 'thankfully' was what the music fans wanted to listen to! She also didn't forget to send warm regards and greetings to her fans, saying that she 'want to be a better friend to her good friends' and that she wishes to 'stay close in the years to come.'



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