Yoo Jaesuk's first guest in the new entertainment program “Comeback Home” Mamamoo Hwasa X Wheein
Yoo Jaesuk's first guest in the new entertainment program “Comeback Home” Mamamoo Hwasa X Wheein
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Nang] On April 3, KBS 2TV Yoo Jae-seok's new entertainment program "Comeback Home" appeared as Mamamoo Hwasa and Wheein as the first broadcast guests.


KBS 2TV's 'Comeback Home' (planning, Kim Kwang-soo /Director Park Min-jung), first aired on Saturday, April 3, returns to the first home where the star's strange life in Seoul began and meets and supports the youth who are currently living there. Among them, in the first episode of 'Comeback Home', Mamamu Hwasa and Wheein appear to look back on the days of the rooftop room in Sadang-dong, where the present 'Reliable vocalist group Mamamoo' was born, and to support his life in Seoul by presenting a home of romance to the current homeowner.

Hwasa and Wheein are "Daughters of Jeonju" who are known for their dreams of becoming best friends and singers from school days, and debuted in the same team in North Jeolla Province. Sadang-dong, Dongjak-gu, is the town where the two started their first step in Seoul with their dreams.

On this day, Mamamoo also shared her honest thoughts on the idol dorm system. Hwasa and Wheein insisted that “we recommend dorm” and “idol dorm staying is essential” and presented unexpected reasons to astonish Yoo Jae-seok, Lee Yong-jin, and Lee Young-ji.

Mamamoo is a girl group discovered and produced by RBW and made its first step in the music industry with its debut song 'Mr. Ambiguous' in 2014. With perfect live skills as well as popular music and gorgeous stage manners, it secured a fan base of all ages and gender, and embodies the modifier of 'believing and listening Mamamoo'.

In addition, Mamamu Hwasa has signed a renewal contract with RBW. The management company RBW announced a green light to the group's activities by completing the renewal of contracts from Mamamoo to Solar and Moonbyul to Hwasa. Today (2nd), through the official SNS, the web jacket image of Wheein's first mini-album ‘Redd’ was released to announce the news of her solo comeback.

'Comeback Home' will be broadcast for the first time at 10:30 pm on the 3rd.


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