Taemin participated in OST after 6 years, the first runner of ‘Navillera’
Taemin participated in OST after 6 years, the first runner of ‘Navillera’
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Mo Mo] SHINee Taemin was selected as the first OST runner for tvN's Monday-Tuesday drama "Navillera".

The production crew of tvN's Monday and Tuesday drama 'Navillera' (played by Lee Eunmi, directed by Han Donghwa) announced on the 25th that ‘Taemin's first OST 'My Day' will be released on the 30th at 6 pm.

“My Day,” sung by Taemin, is an impressive ballad song with a beautiful melody recited like a fairy tale on calm guitar performance, and the lyrics contain a story about the “day” that everyone has. In particular, it was inserted into the endings of the last episodes of the first and second episodes and has received a lot of attention from fans.

In this song, Taemin radiated sweet vocals and a warm sensibility to the listeners' hearts. Taemin's clear beauty and excellent singing ability maximized the emotion of “Navillera,” which depicts the relationship of ballet priests that transcend generations.

In particular, it is more meaningful in that Taemin participated in the OST work in about 6 years since 2015.

On the other hand, SHINee's 7th regular repackage album 'Atlantis' will be released on various music sites on April 12 at 6 pm, and will also be released on the 15th.

Also, on the 29th, SHINee Taemin through V LIVE said, "You miss me so much, right?" It was great in the summer. It’s too warm together with me. But this summer will be hot. It might be better because I don't exist.” and remind the enlistment to the military.


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