Tae Ha and Yeon Woo Will Leave MOMOLAND
Tae Ha and Yeon Woo Will Leave MOMOLAND
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Source : MOMOLAND Instagram
Source : MOMOLAND Instagram

[BBANGYA NEWS|Yulia Cho] Tae Ha and Yeon Woo of MOMOLAND will leave the group. The group's agency, MLD Entertainment announced through official fan cafe that Tae Ha has decided to terminate the contract and start with a new agency.
For Yeon Woo, although she did want to perform as a member of MOMOLAND, the agency have decided that her current schedule as an actress was just too much to cope with MOMOLAND's schedule. Yeon Woo will stay with the agency and continue work as an actress.
According to the agency, Daisy and the company are still discussing the details of contract. MOMOLAND is a K-pop girl group debuted in 2016 with a mini album 'Welcome to MOMOLAND'. They've won several awards including Asian Artist Awards' Choice and Gaon Chart's World Rookie Of The Year in 2019.


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