Park Chan-yeol 'The Box' confirmed to be released in 11 countries
Park Chan-yeol 'The Box' confirmed to be released in 11 countries
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  • 승인 2021.03.30 19:23
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Khaing] The movie “The Box” (director Yang Jung-woong) has been receiving overseas love calls at the same time as it has been released in 11 countries.

Coldplay's 'a sky full of stars', Mariah Carey's 'without you', Pharrell Williams' 'happy', Chet Baker's 'my funny valentine', and Louis Armstrong's 'what a wonderful world' 'The Box', a music buster that satisfies the five senses, unfolds popular pop songs that captivated the world, such as 'Wonderful World' with Park Chan-yeol's bass voice. Prior to its release in Korea, it has already demonstrated a hot interest in the overseas market by delivering news of its release to major Southeast Asian countries and 11 countries including Australia through the overseas sales company “M-Line”.

The movie 'The Box' (director Yang Jung-woong), which was released on March 24, took the top spot in the overall box office. This is the result of surpassing 'Hypnosis', which was released during the same period, as well as 'Minari', which has maintained the No. 1 position in the box office since its release, and 'Theatrical Edition's Blade of Extinction: Infinite Train', which is continuing a long-term success.

Park Chan-yeol and Jo Jung-hwan's busking road movie 'The Box' by Park Chan-yeol, who announced the birth of an unrivaled well-made music film by taking the first place in the box office with the release, are being screened highly at theaters nationwide.


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