Jackson Announces New Song 'LMLY' Today
Jackson Announces New Song 'LMLY' Today
  • Nang 기자
  • 승인 2021.03.30 19:14
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Nang] Singer Jackson released the music video of March's last new song 'LMLY' on the 26th.

Jackson wrote and directed the music video for the new song ‘LMLY’. It is an amazing creation by mixing Jackson’s emotional voice with the retro genre and digital disco genre of the 90s.

The music video for the new song 'LMLY' continued the Hong Kong atmosphere of 'Pretty Please' in the 1990s, and Jackson participated in the directing to unravel a heartwarming love story. Jackson's deep voice and emotional vocals shake people's hearts.

 Meanwhile, Jackson featured in Afgan's new song 'M.I.A (feat. Jackson Wang)' which was released on the 19th March. In addition, RAIN's mini-album 'PIECES by RAIN' released on the 3rd was featured in 'MAGNETIC (Feat. Jackson Wang)'. He has participated in not only featuring, but also writing, composing, and arranging lyrics, and also directly appeared in a music video directed by Mamesjao, showing off special bromance with Rain.


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