Lee Min-ki x Nana x Kang Min-hyuk 'Oh My Ladylord’ first broadcast!
Lee Min-ki x Nana x Kang Min-hyuk 'Oh My Ladylord’ first broadcast!
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Nang] MBC Wednesday-Thursday mini-series 'Oh My Ladylord’ will open the first MBC drama this year.

'Oh My Ladylord’ is an MBC drama that has been aired as the follow-up to 'The Spy Who Loved Me' from March 24, 2021, and is a heart-close reversal romance between a man who doesn’t love and a woman who can't love.

Lee Min-ki played the role of 'Han Bi-soo', the best drama writer in Korea, and Nana played the role of 'Oh Joo-in', the No. 1 Loco Queen actor. Kang Min-hyuk is divided into 'Jung Yu-jin', a pure man who looks at only one woman. A triangular romance between Lee Min-ki and Kang Min-hyuk will unfold between Nana in the play.

The production presentation of 'Oh My Ladylord’ was held online on the Naver V Live website on the afternoon of the 24th.

Lee Min-ki said, "First of all, it was good because it was bright. I was glad that my role was a character that was able to try something in various ways." "I made a choice," he said, "I have done my best as an actor in the field, and I am excited and nervous about how it will look."

Nana said, "The role of 'Oh Joo-in' is a very lovely, bright, and warm character. It seems to be similar to me."

Kang Min-hyuk said After the MBC drama 'Hospital Line', which aired in 2017 as 'Oh My Ladylord’ he returned after three years. "I was just greeted as a 'hospital ship' at this place three years ago. It's been a year since I was discharged from the military," he said. "The shooting was more enjoyable, and today is the first episode to broadcast, so I feel it more enjoyable."

Meanwhile, 'Oh My Ladylord’ visits the viewer at 10 pm, 40 minutes later than the previous broadcast on the 25th. March 25th at 7:20 pm “MBC Sports Football National Team Evaluation Match Korea VS Japan” broadcasted 'Oh My Ladylord’ second episode will be broadcast after the broadcast of the national soccer team’s evaluation match and the MBC news desk.


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