Lee Dong-wook unveils fantastic visual in 'GQ KOREA' pictorial
Lee Dong-wook unveils fantastic visual in 'GQ KOREA' pictorial
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Nang] The pictorial with actor Lee Dong-wook's soft charisma stands out.

On the 24th, the agency King Kong by Starship released several pictorials of Lee Dong-wook with the April issue of the men's magazine 'GQ KOREA'.

In the published pictorial, Lee Dong-wook is drying his slightly wet hair with a hair dryer. He focuses his attention by showing a clear visual with a clear feature and a black shirt.

In the following photos, Lee Dong-wook is showing off men's wannabe-like appearance by not only showing a solid and healthy physical appearance in a sleeveless outfit, but also a slightly wavy hairstyle. Lee Dong-wook's usual hairstyle attracted the attention of many men, and in this pictorial, you can get his hairstyling tips.

Also, on this day, Lee Dong-wook made an A-cut with a soft yet charismatic facial expression, and it is said that he received praise from the on-site staff for his relaxed attitude and various poses using a hairdryer, which is a shooting prop.

Meanwhile, more pictorials of Lee Dong-wook can be found in the April issue of 'GQ KOREA', and the pictorial video can be found on the 'GQ KOREA' Instagram.


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