Super Junior Donghae, charming pictorial
Super Junior Donghae, charming pictorial
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Nang] Super Junior Donghae held a photo shoot for the March issue of the magazine Singles.

This pictorial was shot on a set reminiscent of a contemporary art gallery, and Donghae freely showed a variety of styles from a dandy jacket to a loose suit against a sensuous background. In addition, even in the close-up cut, he stared at the camera without hesitation with his deep eyes, got a big applaud from the on-site staff.

Regarding Super Junior's 10th album, “The Renaissance,” which is scheduled to be officially released on March 16, Donghae said, “It is special to commemorate the time that has been running without a break for 15 years. The combination of Label SJ and the members were so well-formed, so I chose the music I wanted to do and the things I wanted to show," he expressed his affection.

The exclusive pictorial and interview of Donghae's visual, which has been attracting attention as a solo pictorial after a long time, can be found in the March issue of lifestyle magazine 'Singles'.


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