‘Love Alarm’ Season 2 is back on March 12!
‘Love Alarm’ Season 2 is back on March 12!
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Nang] The deeper story of Season 2 of Netflix's original series ‘Love Alarm’ will be released on March 12th.
Photo: Netflix
Photo: Netflix


Photo: Netflix

“A world where love can confirm only when the alarm goes on, a 100% pure romance between a woman who cannot turn on a love alarm and two men who want to know her heart. ‘Love Alarm’ Season 2 is a six-part series, with a new feature that tells you the list of 'People You Like' and 'People You Like' in the ‘Love Alarm’ app, which sounds an alarm when a person you like comes in within a 10m radius. It starts in the background four years later.

It contains the appearances of Jo Jo, Hye-young, and Sun-oh who came to meet again as adults after graduating from high school. The world has changed due to Love Alarm, and Love Alarm's influence is gradually increasing with the release of Love Alarm 2.0, which added a new function that informs you of the 'People who will like me’ and ‘People who I will like' lists. Love alarm not only changed the way people love, but also divided into social class by the number of good alarm hearts, and this leads to many changes in daily life, such as various crimes. The newly updated version 2.0 of Love Alarm causes an unexpected conflict between Jojo, who cannot convey his heart due to the shield, Hye-young, who is quietly guarding Jojo, and Sun-o, who still lingers by Jojo. Director Kim Jin-woo, who directed the series, said, “The characters became more mature in Season 2. In addition, it deals with social issues arising from the appearance of the app called Love Alarm, and I tried to show how the characters are affected.”

‘Love Alarm’ Season 2, which contains a deeper world of love alarm, will be released on Netflix only on March 12th.


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