iKON, comeback with the new song 'Why Why Why'
iKON, comeback with the new song 'Why Why Why'
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[BBANGYA News|Reporter Khaing] iKON on March 3, at 5 pm, with a comeback countdown, live at 6 pm, the digital single “Why Why Why” is released to return to activities after a year.

YG explained that iKON's new song ‘Why Why Why’ is about love that eventually ended like a flower that blooms beautifully and then fades away. It is expected that iKON’s delicate vocals and deeper emotional expressions of iKON singing regret and sadness for the breakup are expected. In addition, the harmony of the lyrical guitar riff and the heavy 808 bass is expected to add to the sadness of the song.

YG Entertainment released iKON's digital single 'Why Why Why' D-1 poster and interview video through its official blog on the 2nd.

iKON is Naver NOW on the 2nd. The live show 'Why Why Why' had a comeback eve. On this day, iKON showed the sense of entertainment that had been endured in various corners such as 'I follow Barbie Contest', 'Find Hidden Yoon Hyung', and ' iKON's Icon Contest', and confirmed the chemistry between the members with their free-spirited charm. Not only that, they showed the stage of 'LOVE SCENARIO', 'RHYTHM TA', and 'Flower' live performances.

On the other hand, iKON, returning after about a year, is currently having the busiest days since his debut by preparing for the final stage of his new song activity and practicing on the stage of the Mnet boy group contest 'Kingdom', which aired for the first time on April 1.


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