CHUANG 2021 Hot Issue, Appeared in Global Times!
CHUANG 2021 Hot Issue, Appeared in Global Times!
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  • 승인 2021.03.03 17:27
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Khaing] Global Times reported an article on 'CHUANG 2021', a Chinese audition program.

The first and second episodes of 'CHUANG 2021' broadcasted on Tencent TV in China for the first time. As a charm of global trainees, it is becoming a hot topic on domestic and international social media (eg, Sina Weibo, Twitter), and has an effect on cultural exchange.

On Twitter and YouTube, videos of trainees' songs and dance stages are spotting. They are flocking to social media to show their support for Thai trainees Nine and Patrick.

 The performances of Santa and Rikimaru from Avex WARPs in Japan, famous dancers who are popular among young people, were also an issue on Weibo. The free dance stage of Unusual Santa and Chinese trainee Liu Yu even appeared in Weibo.

 Chinese trainee Liu Yu showed the beauty of classical Chinese dance to audiences around the world.


In times when the face-to-face exchange was difficult, international talents were shown to attract people's hearts, saying, 'We share and exchange the stage through music and dance despite language barriers'.


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