N.Flying Lee Seung-hyup (J.DON) debuts as a soloist
N.Flying Lee Seung-hyup (J.DON) debuts as a soloist
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Khaing] Lee Seung-hyup, leader of N.Flying's band of FNC Entertainment solo activity with the first single "ON THE TRACK".


Lee Seung-hyup, the composer of the popular song “Rooftop,” and leader of the band N.Flying, released his first solo single 'ON THE TRACK' at 6 pm on the 22nd after 6 years of debut.

Lee Seung-hyup is in charge of the leader, main rapper, lead vocalist, guitar, and keyboard of the five-member band N.Flying is a reinterpretation of the sound of funky music from the 80s to the groovy hip-hop genre of the 90s. The song's rhythmic feeling was filled with an addictive guitar theme and bluesy organ performance, and the lyrics of the negative thought frame positively changed through a unique material called 'Clicker' were put in the lyrics.

The album name 'ON THE TRACK' is a title derived from Lee Seung-hyup's signature sound 'J.DON ON THE TRACK', and symbolically expresses the music world of Lee Seung-hyup, who has released the track of a new journey as a solo artist. They filled their thoughts with sometimes straightforward, sometimes metaphorical lyrics, and completed a track that evoked sympathy from those who set out to find their own way.

Lee Seung-hyup expressed his expectation, "I hope the visible results go well, but I hope that an artist named Lee Seung-hyup will be memorized to many people who listen to my music for the first time."


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