WayV's exclusive reality "WayVision 2" first broadcast on February 22nd!
WayV's exclusive reality "WayVision 2" first broadcast on February 22nd!
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Mo Mo] Global idol group WayV’s solo reality “WayVision” season 2 was broadcasted for the first time at 6 pm on the 22nd.

In season 2 of KT's mobile TV service, the original content 'Way Vision', WayV members will be players and will compete in winter sports in Hwacheon, Gangwon-do.

WayV is a boy group of 7 members (Kun, Ten, Winwin, Lucas, Xiaojun, Hendery, Yangyang) under LABEL V, which debuted on January 17, 2019. It is a fixed unit with no member replacement and operates based in China.

At the time of its debut, it was known as a separate group from NCT, with only the possibility of joining NCT for some reason. Since then, it has joined as an official unit of NCT from September 21, 2020, when the NCT 2020 project began.

From the 22nd, it will be released every Monday and Tuesday through the 6 pm season, and anyone, regardless of carrier, can watch it for free if they log in.

In addition, WeiShenV will communicate with fans through the season app 'Special Live Broadcast' on the 24th.


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