tvN 2021 drama 'Cliffhanger' starring Jeon Ji-hyun and Ju Ji-hoon
tvN 2021 drama 'Cliffhanger' starring Jeon Ji-hyun and Ju Ji-hoon
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[BBANGYA News| Reporter Mo Mo] The still cut of Jeon Ji-hyun and Ju Ji-hoon, starring in the drama 'Cliffhanger', became an issue.
Photo: tvN
Photo: tvN
Photo: tvN
Photo: tvN

'Cliffhanger' is a tvN Saturday-Sunday drama scheduled to air from 2021. This drama tells the story of people who climb a mountain, such as those who come to death, those who come to kill, and those who come to save, in the background of the vast and vast unexplored view of Mt. Jirisan, away from the center of the lonely gray city.

'Cliffhanger', which is scheduled to be aired on tvN in the second half of the year, is a mystery about the story of national park rangers who rescue victims while climbing the mountain with Mt. 'Jirisan' in the background, and it costs about 30 billion won to produce. The meeting of Korean Wave stars such as Jeon Ji-hyun and Ju Ji-hoon, and the meeting of director Lee Eung-bok, with 'Signal' and 'Kingdom' Kim Eun-hee and 'Mr. Sunshine', 'The Globin' and 'Descendants of the Sun' and It became a hot topic. With just a few pre-released still cuts, the expectations inside and outside are high. It is a work that every drama fans around the world are excited. It is aired through tvN in Korea and introduced through the global OTT iQIYI International.

Jeon Ji-hyun, who has an irreplaceable charm, has transformed into the role of Seoi-gang, the best ranger on Mt. 'Jirisan', which stood at the center of the hot topic just by revealing the still, is expected to realize the status of K-drama once again.


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