Emma Stone unveils the first poster of Disney's 'Cruella'
Emma Stone unveils the first poster of Disney's 'Cruella'
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[BBANGYA News| Reporter Mo Mo] The movie 'Cruella', which contains the story of the insane villain of Disney's classic animation '101 Dalmatians' and the most unique in Disney history, has unveiled the first poster full of unconventional charm.


'Cruella' is an American crime, adventure, and comedy-drama film scheduled to be released in 2021. This film is based on Dody Smith's novel and Cruella de Ville, the character of the Disney animated film '101 Dalmatians', based on that novel. The director is Craig Gillespie, and Emma Stone plays the main character, Cruella. In addition, Emma Thompson, Paul Walter Hauser, Joel Fry, and Mark Strong will appear.

The first poster of 'Cruella' captures attention with the intense image of Cruella, which has the most unconventional and bold atmosphere in Disney history.

The distinctive appearance of actress Emma Stone, who boasts a perfect character synchronize, as well as the contrast between the signatures black and white colors that represent Cruella attracts attention.

The second poster and teaser trailer to be released on the night of the 17th also raise expectations. In the second poster and teaser trailer to be released, a special story unfolding in the background of London in the 1970s, which has never been released, and another intense appearance of Emma Stone transformed into Cruella will be revealed. The stylish mise-en-scène set in London, music that stimulates the five senses, colorful sights, and unstoppable and unparalleled charm will be presented by villain 'Cruella'.


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