iKON Kim Jin-hwan revealed cover song for fans
iKON Kim Jin-hwan revealed cover song for fans
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Nang] iKON Kim Jin-hwan gave a surprise cover song to fans on his birthday.

YG Entertainment released the video 'Happy Birthday: JAY-FROZEN (Sabrina Claudio Cover.)' on their official blog on the 7th.

In the released video, Kim Jin-hwan, who has an ash color hair and a blue silk shirt, sings the original song of Sabrina Claudio.

It is a cover song that blends Kim Jin-hwan's unique sweet voice with a dreamy melody.

The song that says 'time will stop while we love (omitted)' is like a confession to his fans.

Jinhwan Kim is a member of the group iKON, who debuted in 2015. IKON's outstanding musical capabilities and stage manners have been popular, and has produced many hit songs such as 'My Type', 'LOVE SCENARIO', and 'KILLING ME'.

They recently confirmed their appearance on Mnet 'Kingdom', which is scheduled to be broadcast in April. All member of iKON appeared on Mnet has been around in 5 years. iKON, who is recognized for its strong live skills and performance, is looking forward to seeing what attractive stages to show in 'Kingdom'.


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