BLACKPINK's first global success in 2021!
BLACKPINK's first global success in 2021!
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Nang] Group BLACKPINK will appear on the 'James Corden Show', one of the representatives American talk shows.
Photo: YG Entertainment

According to the agency YG Entertainment on the 27th, Black Pink will appear on the US CBS's 'The Late Late Show with James Corden', which will be aired on the 28th.

Black Pink has already finished recording the 'James Corden Show' at the site of the 'THE SHOW' concert. 'THE SHOW', which has been wrapped in a veil, takes off the veil through 'James Corden Show' before the show is released. It is attracting the attention of global fans as it is expected to be able to see the scenes where the Black Pink members perform the stage as well as the rich live band sound in a long time.

In addition, BLACKPINK maintained the Billboard 200 chart-in for 16 consecutive weeks with their 1st regular album 'THE ALBUM'.

According to the latest chart released by Billboard on the 27th (Korean time), BLACKPINK's 1st album 'THE ALBUM' was ranked 128th on the Billboard 200 chart on January 30, 2021.

'THE ALBUM', released on October 6, 2020, recorded more than 1 million pre-orders during the pre-order period and sold about 600,000 copies in Korea only on the first day of release (based on Hanteo Chart, excluding exports to the US and Europe). It set a new record for the first-time first-ever girl group.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK's live stream concert 'THE SHOW' will be held from 2 pm on the 31st Korean time. In addition, Rosé's solo song will be released in a surprise at the 'Live Stream Concert'.


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