NCT Jaehyun, first still photo of drama 'Dear.M' released
NCT Jaehyun, first still photo of drama 'Dear.M' released
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Nang] KBS 2TV's special Friday drama “Dear.M” unveils a still photo captured the fan’s heart of the leading role of Jaehyun (NCT).

'Dear.M' (Scripter Lee Seul/Director Park Jin-woo, Seo Joo-Wan) is a KBS2 Friday drama scheduled to air from February 26, 2021, a playlist-produced web drama, and shares the story of love playlist.

'Dear M' is a no retouched no-filter youth romance drama that unfolds a pink blossom while looking for 'M', the protagonist of the confession status that turned Seoyeon University upside down.

Jaehyun takes on the role of Computer Major ideal student Cha Min-ho and takes on her first acting challenge.

Jaehyun's character Cha Min-ho is a playful character who is good-looking and has good guts. He is a 12-year best friend with Maju-ah (played by Park Hye-soo), the “Good Nagger,” and has been living like real siblings. Especially when Cha Min-ho (Jaehyun) is with Maju-ah (Park Hye-soo), he is so mischievous.

Also, on the 26th, the drama 'Dear.M' released a poster containing the concept of the dormitory.

In the released poster, Park Hye-soo (playing Majua Maju-ah), Noh Jung-eui (Seo Ji-min), Woo Dabi (Hwang Bo-young), and Jaehyun (Cha Min-ho), Bae Hyun-sung (Park Haeul), and Lee Jin-hyuk (Gil Mok-jin), who act as female dorm roommates are shown sitting together on the bed.

KBS 2TV's special Friday drama “Dear.M” is scheduled to air for the first time on Friday, February 26 at 11:10 pm.


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