BBANGYA TV expanded Live online broadcasting market with starting of 2021 BMF
BBANGYA TV expanded Live online broadcasting market with starting of 2021 BMF
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[BBANGYA News|Khaing Reporter] “2021 BMF (BBANGYA MUSIC FESTIVAL)” live streaming hosted by BBANGYA TV was held successfully on January 16 at Paradise City.

Through '2021 BMF', KPOP groups MONSTA X, AB6IX, ITZY, Rocket Punch, and Golden Child had a great time with fans all over the world.

This performance is Korea's first paid omnibus online concert in 2021, and it is not only linked with overseas ticket companies to differentiate it from other online performances, but also has a special event for fans in addition to the performance, which is well received.

BBANGYA TV has made various attempts and efforts so that artists and fans around the world can enjoy their own concerts and fan meetings. BBANGYA TV, which has been providing online live streaming services since 2017 with video mixing technology through large-capacity server management and large-scale concerts, has JBJ95 online fan meetings in 2020, Jinyoung (GOT7) personal fan meetings, Kim Bum-ryong non-face-to-face concerts, and creations. Musical 'Return', 2020 The 1st K-POP Cheer Up Untact Concert, Song Ji-eun (Secret) UNTACT LIVE, Crying Nut 25th Anniversary Concert, Musical Dog and Cat Time, etc. was aired.

BBANGYA TV, The first BMF BBANGYA Music Festival, planned and held for the first time in 2021, is preparing for the second time, starting with its own brand performance, and not only developing a platform, but also creating a new service that will satisfy both artists and fans. It plans to constantly build new services.

Not only active in the KPOP area, it also advanced into the adult song full of memories. 100 TO THE FUTURE (100 con), which will hold 100 relay concerts with 100 artists during the year 2021, begins at the end of January. You cannot miss a trip with singers who remember the memories of those days.

Anytime anywhere in the world, the public is searching for a richer variety of leisure life. BBANGYA TV is continuously developing and is gradually expanding all types of online performance content, such as classical concerts, theater stages, musicals, and fan meetings, with an emphasis on artist music performances.

Starting in 2021, BBANGYA TV's 1st BMF will open its prelude to show better content so that the public will not be disappointed.


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