BL Drama 'Color Rush' Perfect Finale on 21st
BL Drama 'Color Rush' Perfect Finale on 21st
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Mo Mo] The BL drama 'Color Rush' was released at the same time all around the world on December 30 2020 and ended at 6 o'clock this evening, on January 21st.

Source Wiz (CEO Jeon Daejin) is launching a full-fledged imaging project web-based source IP (intellectual property). As the runner-up, the 2nd contest Blyth contest BL division winner 'Color Rush' was selected and produced as a drama.

On the other hand, 'Color Rush', which consists of a total of 8 episodes (15 minutes per episode), shows what happens in the fact that Yeon-woo (Yoo-jun), who can see only gray over the world due to nerve war color blindness, shows the intense experience of seeing color when the two meet.

'Color Rush' is ranked 14th in Viki rankings, 10th in Viki Korean dramas rankings, VIU is 9th in global dramas, 2nd in rankings, No. 1 in search rankings on Line TV, 7th on Line TV Taiwan rankings. Weibo, which was not officially distributed, has ranked No. 1 in Korean drama rankings and 11th in overall drama rankings.


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