Focus on the beauty of Helena Christensen, reassigned as Victoria's Secret model at the age of 51
Focus on the beauty of Helena Christensen, reassigned as Victoria's Secret model at the age of 51
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Nang] Helena Christensen, the original supermodel and Victoria's Secret Angel in 1996.

She was featured in Victoria's Secret campaign ad, and she exudes an overwhelming presence at the 2020 AW Balmain Show.


In 2018, the media was buried with a comment that included the nuance of "We don't use transgender models on the show", and since then, "Victoria Secret", which has continued to drop the brand's image, is changing.

In this year's holiday campaign advertisement, 51-year-old original supermodel, Helena Christensen, was used, and Victoria's Secret, whose main model was in her 20s and 30s until now, announced a breakthrough.

Helena, with her unchanging glow skin, puts a leopard-patterned coat on a lace bodysuit

Recently uploaded to Instagram, she commented on a joke saying, "How to stay at home recently."

Among the supermodels in the 90s, there is an image that was in charge of Helena, who was in charge of the fascinating charm, but the impression of that time is not very different, but it is amazing and sensual.

Helena, who walked the runway wearing wings and it is the mark of angel at the Victoria's Secret Show in 1996, collaborates with Victoria's Secret after 24 years.

In this campaign, they appeared with 30years Chanel Iman, 32years Candice Swanpole and 29 years Jasmine Tukes.

Helena was also used as an advertisement visual for Victoria's 「The Body by Victoria」 line in March this year as they appealed to each other's beauty. Along with Valentina and Sangpaion as a transgender model, and Barbara and Pervin as a plus-sized model, she was as a photographer, not as a model.

Looking at Helena in recent years, it has become common for models in their 50s, 60s, and 70s to be appeared. I think that the condition of age has nothing to do with the definition of beauty.


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