Supermodel's 16-year-old daughter debut, a superior gene inherited from mother
Supermodel's 16-year-old daughter debut, a superior gene inherited from mother
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Mo Mo] Wearing a colorful suit and appearing side by side on the cover of the German edition of the January 2021 issue of VOGUE.
Heidi Klum (left) and daughter Lenny (right)

Heidi Klum (47), who raises 4 children and plays an active part in various fields such as a supermodel, entrepreneur, and TV host. On this cover, she appeared in fashion magazines with her eldest daughter Lenny, who was renowned as "Beautiful!"

It was Lenny, who had been receiving hot attention and suggestions in the modeling industry a few years ago, but she was worried and opposed that her mother Heidi made her debut at a very young age, but as she turned 16 this year, her mother Heidi finally admitted to her daughter's debut.

As a supermodel, as she inherits the blood of Heidi, who made a breakthrough in the industry, Leni thinks that the model is born to be, but Heidi is said to have continued to refuse even if there was an offer to protect the privacy of her child as a mother.

She also revealed that she had already received a model offer a few years ago. The road to modeling for her was only a matter of time. When she was 12 or 13 years old, she received an offer from her favorite brand, Brandy Melville, and she asked her mother to ask her, but she said, "I understand that it was too fast." said Heidi, who had been expressing awkwardness in her debut, now supports her daughter's decision and left on her Instagram as a comment about her daughter's model debut, saying, “I am proud of my daughter.” Lenny also looks professional in everything, As long as I have to restrain myself from the craziness, the model said to me that it was the perfect job to use all the energy in me because I could be the real me.


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