Shin Hye-sun x Kim Jung-hyun 'Mr. Queen’ Comic Fantasy Historical Drama’s Popularity and Controversy
Shin Hye-sun x Kim Jung-hyun 'Mr. Queen’ Comic Fantasy Historical Drama’s Popularity and Controversy
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Mo Mo] tvN's Saturday and Sunday drama 'Mr. Queen’ is a remake of the Chinese web drama 'Go Princess Go'.

This drama depicts the extraordinary survival of the royal palace of the troubled soul who crash-landed on the body in the Joseon Dynasty. It's a story that the relationship between Jang Bong-Hwan (Choi Jin-hyuk), who has risen to the position of Blue House Chef due to his unconventional behavior and disagreement with Cheol-jong (Kim Jeong-hyun), the king of two faces, and the body of Jung-jeon Kim So-yong (played by Shin Hye-seon) in an accident.


The audience rating for the second episode of 'Mr. Queen’ recorded in the metropolitan area an average of 9.5% and a maximum of 10.9% in the national average of 8.8% and a maximum of 9.9%. In the tvN target male and female 2049 viewership rating, it ranked first in all channels, including terrestrial, with an average of 5.1% and 5.4% in the metropolitan area, and ranked first in the same time period including cable and full-time with a national average of 5.1% and 5.5% and gained popularity.

However, controversy is also continuing, and interest is focused on future viewership trends. 'Mr. Queen’ has been accused of using the work of a disgusting writer before broadcasting. Seondeung, the author of the original novel, is the author of 'Hwa Chin Princess', which was controversial for demeaning Koreans in the past.

In the author's previous novel ‘Hwachin Princess’, the original work of 'Mr. Queen’, ‘Hwa Chin Princess’, the worldview is a virtual world, but ‘Goryeo’, which actually existed as a neighboring country, appears is used countless times. In addition, there was a scene where the protagonist puts on a tablecloth and mocked them as Hanbok toward the envoys of Goryeo.

On the 15th, the 'Mr. Queen’ side said, "Our drama is a work planned by purchasing a remake of the web drama 'Go Princess Go', which aired in China." “At the time of the contract, the original novelist’s work 'Go Princess Go', I did not recognize that there were negative remarks related to Korea in another work of the novelist 'Hwa Chin Princess'”.

Meanwhile, tvN's Saturday and Sunday drama 'Mr. Queen’ is aired every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm.


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