Louis Tomlinson Online Live Host Male Solo Artist Set Record for the Year
Louis Tomlinson Online Live Host Male Solo Artist Set Record for the Year
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Mo Mo] Louis Tomlinson held an online live called 「Louis Tomlinson : Live From London」 on December 12, local time.


Louis Tomlinson from One Direction hosted an online live, recording the most streaming views this year as a male solo artist. After the global pandemic of the coronavirus, many artists postponed and stopped real offline tours, and fans in the form of online live Louis Tomlinson: Live From London by Louis Tomlinson: Live From London is an online live hosted by a male solo artist and is said to have become the most-streamed live of the year.

“Louis Tomlinson: Live From London'”, which is said to have sold 160,000 tickets, was held to financially support his crew who suffered economic damage from the spread of the coronavirus infection. In addition to being donated for the crew, it has also been donated to a number of other charities, such as the food aid organization "FareShare".

As Louie collects a huge sum, the money he has collected for these important purposes uploaded through Twitter that we came a long way. We did it!”

Louis, who started his career as a solo artist by releasing his long-awaited debut album 'Worlds' in February 2020, started live on the day from 'Just Hold On', a collaboration single with Steve Aoki released in 2016, and composed of his debut work as well as he composed 'Drag Me Down', 'Through The Dark' and 'Little Black Dress'

Louis is one of the artists who became inevitable to postpone the tour due to the novel coronavirus. He was scheduled to perform his first solo visit to Japan from April to May this year but postponed to June 2021.


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