Show Me the Money 9 Swings x Simon Dominic x Lee Hi the best performance
Show Me the Money 9 Swings x Simon Dominic x Lee Hi the best performance
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Nang] In the 9th episode of Mnet's 'Show Me the Money 9', 8 rappers who survived last week's final contest unfolded a semi-final stage. Lee Hi appeared on the stage of 'The Villain' with Swings and Simon Dominic, and the collaboration stage of 3 people attracted attention to the public.


In the Mnet hip-hop survival program 'Show Me the Money 9', which aired on the afternoon of the 11th, the semi-final stage where the 8 rappers who survived the final contest will advance to the TOP 4 was revealed and make the viewers excited. Based on the broadcasting platform, the target audience rating of 1539 rose and took first place.

In Mnet's Show Me the Money 9, the best semi-final stage ever unfolded, and the released sound sources settled in the top ranks as well as the first and second place on various music charts. In addition, the full version of the video on the stage of 8 semi-finalists exceeds 4.7 million views on YouTube and is writing a new history every week.

First, the “villain” of the Copal Team Swings is running at the top of the music chart. “The villain” is a song that honestly expresses that he is also a trouble maker in the hip-hop scene, and Simon Dominic, who attacked each other in the 2013 Control Dissension, attracted a lot of attention.

On the other hand, Mnet 'Show Me the Money 9' is a hip-hop survival program that competes for the title of 'Young Boss', which will become a new protagonist in the Korean hip-hop program and airs every Friday at 11 pm.


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