Diva Um Jung-hwa, new song released on December 22nd
Diva Um Jung-hwa, new song released on December 22nd
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Mo Mo] Um Jeong-hwa, a diva in the music industry, releases a new song after three years.
[Photo: Um Junghwa SNS]

Singer Um Jung-hwa confirmed the release of the new song on December 22nd. Her solo comeback has been about three years since her 10th album, “The Cloud Dream of the Nine,” released in 2017.

Recently, through the project group “Refund Sister” formed by MBC's entertainment show “How do You Play?”, the sub-character “Manok” showed a friendly and high-pitched tone. The song 'DON'T TOUCH ME', which was released as Refund Sister, was also released on various music charts and fans waited for the solo comeback of music diva Um Jung-hwa.

Earlier, through his social media account, Um Jung-hwa released a photo of a recording studio that hints a new musical activity, raising expectations from fans.

Even now, when the news of the comeback was announced, fans' expectations and curiosity about this new song, which will be full of its own color and personality, are further amplifying following the activities of the Refund Sister.


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