The 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards postponed to 2021
The 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards postponed to 2021
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Nang] The 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards, scheduled to be held on December 11 (today), was postponed to early 2021 due to the rapid spread of Corona 19.

The Blue Dragon Film Awards said, "There is a growing concern over society due to the outbreak of Corona 19, which is spreading out of control. We ask for your patience, including actors, movie-related officials, the media, and the audience. I sincerely hope that the situation caused by Corona 19 will improve as soon as possible."

The Blue Dragon Film Awards was created on November 30, 1963, to improve the quality of Korean films and to develop the film industry. It was first hosted by the Chosun Ilbo. It is counted as one of the three major film awards along with the Dae Jong Award and the Baeksang Arts Awards among the domestic film awards and is recognized for the highest authority among them.

The films ‘Seobok’ and ‘Life is Beautiful’, which were preparing to be released during the peak winter season in December, have been decided to postpone due to the spread of the Corona 19 virus.


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